LITTLE BRITAIN Celebrating the Best in British Music from the 60s to the present day.

For almost 50 years, Britain has led the world in producing great music by great artists. ..Little Britain.. takes its

audience on a Brit rock and pop adventure through the decades. .... 'Playing the songs that inspired us all to pick up

guitars, play drums and sing and bringing back happy memories to so many people - it's the biggest kick you can get'..

Little Britain is a five piece band. Its members have in excess of 20 years professional gigging experience working

across England and Ireland....


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IAN ADAMS as FREDDIE MERCURY has played in many

bands for years performing as a lead vocalist & is also an established musician can

play guitar & bass guitar respectively as well.

After months of rehearsals & a lot of hard work behind closed doors to start with,

Ian went about studying & perfecting all Freddie's mannerisms & his amazing

charismatic presence as a great performer. Along with this invested in top lighting

& affects along with specially made Freddie stage outfits, to make for a full on

fantastic professional tribute show!

Ian started perfecting his fast paced up tempo & charismatic live shows in 2015 to

which was fantastically received by audiences.

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 MICKY 2 TONE a live Mod/Ska tribute. Permorming hits from the Mod/Ska revival era of the late '70's

                                                                            and early '80s. Micky 2 Tone re-creates some of the best sounds from artist like;

                                                                            The Jam, The Specials, Bad Manners, Madness, Dexy'sMidnight Runners and more.  


                                                                            Micky has performed all over the UK and abroad in venues such as  WMCs, holiday

                                                                            parks, night clubs and doing corporate functions, military bases, weddings, scooter

                                                                            rallies and festivals.


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LA FOX a live acoustic artist. Permorming songs

that will get the mens feet tappingand the ladies dancing

Kieren is a great performer and makes the stage his own

with his great banter and foot tapping sounds.


The song list is huge with something for everyone, from indie

to Art Garfunkle, Keiren will certainly make any festival swing.


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The Bands So Far ...

Micky 2 Tone

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